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I work part time as a cable technician; a cable disconnect technician to be exact. Needless to say my job frequently pisses people off. However, how can you be mad at me if I’m at your residence for something you didn’t do – like pay your bill? Having said that I’m going to describe a specific instance for you, just to give you the best possible idea of what I’m speaking about.

Last weekend (Memorial Day weekend 2015) I went to a house to disconnect. I had been to this residence the previous week to drop off a door flyer in an attempt to collect payment and keep these folks as cable subscribers. I was informed at that time that the subscriber I was looking for is incarcerated and unavailable to pay the bill or speak with me. I said okay, I would like to collect the cable equipment. The person I was speaking with said he was NOT authorized to turn the equipment over to me but would speak with the subscriber’s father and get back to me. Well he never got back to me so when I visited the residence for the second and what I figured would be the final time, I knocked on the door again. I spoke to another individual who is NOT the subscriber. He said he would speak to the subscriber’s father that evening since he happened to be coming over and he would call me the next day if I could come and pick up the equipment. Cool.

Now I figured something like what happened was going to happen before it did. First of all I figured these people were NEVER going to call me to collect this equipment. I mean, it doesn’t belong to them so they don’t care and apparently they don’t think enough of the person whose equipment it is to get it turned in on his behalf since he’s not in a situation to return it himself. The other thing I expected to happen was for the person I just spoke to (the second guy) would come out of the house when I disconnected the cable and I was right.

This guy (second guy - non-subscriber) comes out of the house and asks me “what the fuck do you think you’re doing?” to which I respond “I’m doing my job.”. He proceeded to throw a little tantrum on his porch telling me fuck you mother fucker you’re certainly NOT getting the equipment now. What I thought to myself was - well of course I’m NOT! I knew the minute you came out here I wasn’t going to get the equipment and I pretty much figured that I was NEVER going to get that equipment either way. It’s obvious to me that you don’t care. I mean one minute you’re shaking my hand saying you’ll give me a call and the next minute you’re calling me mother fucker. It’s clear to me what type of person you are!

This is a great example of how adults revert back to acting like children when they don’t get their way. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence in our society. Thank goodness it was just words. My Grandmother always says, consider the source. Enough said!

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